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 Harry A. Lloyd & Associates, Ltd. performs affordable, standardized verification inspections and issues concise reports in response to construction loan draw requests. We are established and fully insured. Our expertise is relied upon by our clients to better manage their loan administration programs. 


The inspectors at Harry A. Lloyd & Associates are experienced and certified. Each has over twenty years of inspection experience and are ready to provide the best in reporting and service to you and your customers. 


 Our draw management program encompasses virtually all commercial, residential, site development and specialty construction activities. Each reporting procedure includes an on-site verification of construction progress, determination of conformity with plans and specifications and photographic documentation.

Our draw verification inspection programs are truly a business resource. They will enhance the quality of your loan adminstration programs and increase management's productivity. Our reports provide independent and impartial findings, from a regulatory viewpoint it is the preferred format to "in-house" or loan officer inspections. And they'll give you the competitive edge to expand lending areas without the worry of timely response to draw requests....All without adding to fixed overhead.





Within 2 business days of receiving a draw verification inspection request, we will conduct the inspection. After a thorough field review of the project’s progress, we will provide a same day verbal report of the findings. With this report, your staff can start the wheels in motion to fund the request. Within two business days after the inspection, the electronic report and photographs will be e-mailed.    


Our goal is to provide you with informative inspection reports. Our years of experience give us the expertise to accurately assess the validity of a draw request. If we find a request is not 100% fundable, we will work with you to determine what percentage of the draw is justified with supporting data.




We take special pride in providing inspection reports in a format that is easy for your staff to use. Our inspectors use specially designed field reporting forms to insure that all the necessary information is gathered with each inspection. A photographic record is also taken to better document progress.


Back at our offices, the field information is transferred to a database. From this database, we generate your tailored report in an easy to read format. Because our reports are standardized, your staff will quickly and accurately be able to compare the current inspection with prior findings. Informative, accurate reports and rapid response time are the hallmarks of our service.



We are professionals with decades of experience in the construction industry.   Because of the efficiency of our reporting systems, we are able to provide our services at an affordable price. Harry A. Lloyd & Associates affords you access to a broad range of experience in construction management without the overhead. Our services are clearly loan related costs and are customarily incurred by the borrower.